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PE Fixture List 2017-2018


2017/2018 Season

Year 2 Tag Rugby Festival 

Twelve children from year 2 had their first experience of a mini tag rugby festival on a cold but sunny day at Farnham Rugby Club. Some of them loved it so much they have already joined the rugby club mini teams. One of the teams did particularly well but all the participants were delighted with the medals and rugby shirts they were awarded!

Year 2 Tag Rugby 2017


Year 6 Floorball Tournament


Year 6 Floorball

We played in our first floorball tournament held at Ash Manor School. The boys played brilliantly and we ended up coming 3rd overall losing only one match and winning the others.


Year 5 Girls’ Tag Rugby Tournament

A very enthusiastic bunch of year 5 girls headed to the rugby club to take part in a flood-lit tournament on Friday 24th November. The highlight of the tournament was a thrilling 7-7 draw played against Shawfield. Well done girls!

Year 5 Girls Tag Rugby


Year 4 Football Tournament

 Year 4 Football

 The year 4 children played superbly in a very cold and wet tournament at Weydon School. They ended up in 5th place out of 9 schools. They had great fun and played well as a team.


 Football Match 28/09/17 v Wyke Primary School

Football v Wyke

On the 28th September a few boys from years 5 & 6 went to play a football match at Wyke Primary School.  We were all looking for a win after a close result against Waverley Abbey the week before.

In the first half, we set off scoring 4 goals taking us well into the lead!  In the second half, sadly we conceded a goal but it didn't matter as we scored another 5 goals making the final score 9-1 to us.

In the end we had all played really well with Taylor and Dylan scoring all our goals but the team played really well together and we were very happy with the result.

By Taylor and Sam H


Round Up of the Spring Term 2017 

Year 5 Football Tournament

On Thursday 2nd March, pupils from year 5 went to Waverley Abbey school to play in a football tournament. Wearing the smart, new PG football kit, the boys took the tournament by storm! They played 5 matches in the group stage where they finished top, unbeaten and only conceding one goal!

They then won the semi-final 6-0 against Hale School and went on to face South Farnham in the final. Although in the group match against them, the score was 0-0, sadly in the final they beat us 4-0.

The boys played really well as a team working together and supporting each other and their new kit was admired by many other schools.

Year 5 Football Team

Year 5 Tag Rugby Festival

On Wednesday 15th March, some year 5 and 6 children went to Farnham Rugby Club to play against other schools. The team won their first match convincingly and then had two closely fought losses.

This was a festival rather than a tournament to give children the experience of playing tag rugby and having fun which they certainly did.

Swimming Gala

21 children from KS2 attended the annual Farnham and Ash Schools’ Swimming Gala. Everyone swam really well despite the deafening noise of the supporters! Potters Gate came 2nd overall and in addition was awarded a trophy for the most improved school! 2 trophies out of a total of 5 is not too bad!! The children were also commended for their behaviour and support of each other—well done all!

Year 6 Netball Tournament

Seven children from year 6 took part in a netball tournament with ten other schools. In our first game, we won 2-1 against S Farnham. We also won our second match against Rowledge 1-0. Thanks to our brilliant shooters, we managed to bag 3 more goals in our 3rd match against Highfield. In our last match we sadly lost 3-1 against Holly Lodge.

We waited anxiously to see if we had got into the final but unfortunately we didn’t get in but as runners up in our group, we played in the runners up match against St Polycarps. It was our hardest match and we lost 4-0. We were all tried but had fun and were pleased to come 4th.

By Isabel, year 6

Borelli Cup

The year 6 boys’ football team participated in this annual event at Waverley Abbey school. They played several matches but sadly did not make the final. However, they enjoyed the experience and the sunshine!

Round-up of the Autumn Term 2016

It has been a busy, successful term on the sporting front. Children have taken part in cross country (KS2), hockey (yrs 5&6), various tag rugby events (Yrs 2,5&6) and football and netball league games.

The Farnham schools’ cross country event in Farnham Park in October saw 24 of our children participating in a field of 556. All our children ran brilliantly and overall we were the 5th placed school out of 14. Special mention must go to Arthur (year 5) who finished 21st out of 286 boys and Skye (year 6) who finished 17th out of 270 girls.

The netball and football leagues are now finished. The football team recorded their first ever win (!) whilst the netballers rounded off their season by winning their final games 18-0 and 9-2!

Meanwhile, Ella, Georgia, Elliot, Riley, Mikyle, Max, Fin, Leo and James from year 4 played in a floodlit football tournament on the astro turf at Weydon. They won 2 of their 4 games with Fin making some superb saves.

We entered our first ever hockey tournament (Arthur, Milly, Chloe, Harry from year 5, James and Josh from year 6). Despite having never played together before and this being the first competitive tournament for some of the team, they won 3 of their 4 games and came second overall in the tournament! They all played brilliantly and scored some amazing goals!

Meanwhile, some children from year 2 had their first experience of a tag rugby tournament. Although it was billed as a friendly tournament, 1 of our 2 teams won overall! All the children had such fun, with at least one being inspired to take up rugby! Well done to Max R, Harry, George Bedard, Dylan, Zoe, Ellie, Amelia, Holly, Aaron, Jacob and Amelie.

Well done to all the children who have been involved in the various sporting fixtures. You have all participated to the best of your abilities and have made the school proud.


Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Finals 09/11/16

On 9th November 2016 a team of year 5 and 6 rugby players set off to Farnham Rugby Club to play 4 matches in the District Finals.

Our first match was against Rowledge and they beat us 5-1; thanks to Josh, we didn’t lose by any more, but we all helped and collaborated to help score the try.

Our second match was against South Farnham and although Arthur scored an amazing try, they were too good a team to beat.

After these disappointing losses, we regrouped and rethought our strategies and because of this, we played well as a team and won our next two games. The result against St Polycarp’s was 6-5 and we beat William Cobbett 7-5.

 Overall we came 3rd out of 5 teams but we all had fun and can’t wait to play again. The other teams all played well too.


By Thomas and Mason, year 6


Tag Rugby 5/6 


Football Match v St Peters 29/09/16

On Thursday 29th September, a team of year 5 and 6 footballers faced off against St Peters. In the first 3 minutes St Peters scored three cracking goals. It was a disappointing start but we regrouped and worked hard as a team.

James made some fantastic saves to keep us in the match. Despite our captain (Mason) organising the team, St Peters continued their fire play and went 6 up. Taylor scored a great headed goal. However, the match ended 10-1.

We enjoyed the match and the experience. We can’t wait for the next match against Waverley Abbey.


Netball Match v St Peters 29/09/16

On Thursday 29th September, 7 people - Rebecca, Isobel, Billy O, Billy S (captain), Cicely, Georgia and Skye - took part in a netball match against St Peters.

In the first quarter, St Peters scored an early goal, even though our defenders tried the best they could. Luckily Cicely scored an amazing shot in the tight time we had left.

In the second quarter they scored again! Unfortunately we did not………

Luckily in the third quarter Isobel scored. After that they also scored which left us at 3-2 down.

In the final quarter our legs were aching and our arms hurt, especially our fingers, but we kept up the good work. Sadly they scored once again ending the match at 4-2.

Although we lost, we went home knowing our mistakes and we are looking to improve. Well done Potters Gate netball. team!


Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Festival 21/09/16

On Wednesday 21st September, a team of year 5 and 6 pupils took part in a tag rugby festival which took place at Farnham Rugby Club. In our first match we played Walsh and Billy scored an amazing try in the last play of the game which meant we drew the match 1-1. Our next match was against Rowledge and we played well but sadly they won, 2-1, with a try in the last seconds of the game. Josh and Billy once again came back off the pitch after scoring one try each.

Our third and final game was against St Peter’s. By that time we were all tired out so that meant the match was hard. Luckily James scored an insane try but unfortunately we lost the match 3-1.

We came home unhappy that we had lost two matches but we had a lot of fun and went home covered in mud and with smiles on our faces. All in all we had a great time and can’t wait to do something like that again.


By Thomas and Billy, year 6

Tag Rugby 2016


Football Match v Ash Grange 22/09/16

On Thursday 22nd September, there was a football match between Ash Grange and Potters Gate. As the game began, Ash Grange piled on the pressure, dribbling past the defence several times. 10 minutes into the game, the opposition scored by a rebound shot; 1-0 to Ash Grange!

Our team responded quickly with goo teamwork and passing skills. Potters Gate were unlucky not to score and the first half ended 1-0.

Early in the second half, Ash Grange scored again. James made an array of saves, diving like a cat. Again Potters Gate responded with good teamwork and determination and created numerous chances and were rewarded when Kieran combined with Mason to set up Coby for a spectacular goal. 2-1 game on! Then right at the end of the game, Potters Gate scored a great goal. What a finish to the match – 2-2.


By Mason, Coby, Toby, James, Kieran, Taylor, Josh, Sam H and Tommy


Borelli Cup

On Thursday 10th March, some year 6 boys went to Waverley Abbey to play in a football tournament. We played really well but unfortunately we didn’t win. Joe made some great saves but some shots went in. Rio defended well. The good thing was we all enjoyed it. By Ben and Joe, yr 6


 Borelli Cup team 16

Cross Country

On Saturday 5th March over 23 energetic children from Potters Gate took part in a very muddy cross country race at Farnham Park. It was a very difficult race due to the weather conditions, very cold with occasional sleet! Everyone tried extremely hard and as a result Annabelle (year 6) came 5th overall in the girls’ race, closely followed by Skye (year 5). Sam led the boys in coming 42nd closely followed by Arthur. Everybody fought through the muddy conditions to glide across the finishing line in the end and the team was very happy with everyone’s efforts. Without Mrs McDonald we wouldn't be able to do cross country, Also a thank you to Ms Payne for her support. Well done everybody!

By Sam and Annabelle, year 6


Cross Country girls race March 2016




Cross Country boys race March 2016


Year 5 Football Tournament

On 3rd March 9 pupils from year 5 went to Waverley Abbey school to play in a football tournament. Our first game was against South Farnham and Kieran was in goal. He was amazing but unfortunately we lost 5-0.

Our next match was Waverley Abbey. James was in goal and was also amazing. Everyone tried their best but we sadly lost 2-0.

After that we went on to play Holly Lodge and sadly lost 1-0. Our last match was against St Polycarp’s and we won 2-1. Yeah! At the end of the day we all had fun and played well as a team.

By James and Skye, year 5

Year 5 football tournament



Football Match report

On the 3rd March, nine pupils from Year 5 went to Waverley Abbey School.

Our first school to play were South Farnham. Kieran was in goal and was amazing but we still lost 5 – 0. The next school was Waverley Abbey. James was in goal and tried to save all the shots. Everyone tried their best but we sadly lost 2 – 0. After that we went on to play Holly Lodge and sadly lost 1- 0.

Our last match was against St Polycarp’s and we won 2-1. Yeah! At the end of the day we all had fun.

 Year 5 football match


Years 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Tournament

On Tuesday 23rd February, some year 5 and 6 children went to Farnham Rugby Club to play against other schools. First we played against Rowledge School and lost 8-3. However, our team was deter-mined to improve our performance and then we won every other match we played! Unfortunately we did not win a medal or trophy but we did come home with a smile on our faces. Sam, Annabelle and Fleur had to help Mrs McDonald with the organising and scoring of the tournament and they were given a free rugby shirt!

By Molly, year 6


Years 5 & 6 Tag Rugby Tournament



Potters Gate Swimming Gala Glory

On Thursday 11th February, Potters Gate swimming team took part in the swimming gala at Farnham Leisure Centre. There were 21 of us and we were competing against 8 other schools. There were lots of exciting races with very close finishes but our squad relay was extra exciting. Each length saw us gaining on the leading team and we came a very close second. Everybody was eager to see who would win and the cheering was deafening! We all tried our hardest and swam our hearts out! We had fantastic support from parents and teachers which helped us.

At the end, we were all so proud to have come third place out of nine schools and to collect a trophy. Well done to all the children who took part. A really great result!

By Max and Libby (Year 6)

Swimming gala Swimming gala team


Netball Tournament

On Wednesday 10th February 7 pupils from Year 5 took part in a Netball Tournament held at South Farnham School.

We played 4 games in our group and were unbeaten in all of them. (In total we scored 20 goals and only conceded 3!)

We were top of our group so we played the final against Rowledge who won their group. Sadly we lost 1-0 but it was a very exciting, closely fought game.

Overall we were second out of 10 teams. It was a great experience and we would love to do it again. By Billie and Rebecca (Year 5)




Year 3 Football Festival

After school on Thursday a group of year 3 children went to a football festival at South Farnham School. When we arrived, we were put into different teams. There were two Potters Gate people in each team as we were mixed up with other schools. Each team played four matches, some they lost, some they drew and some they won. We were all very pleased that we had been picked to play in the non-competitive football tournament. Every single person had such great fun. Every team had a referee from South Farnham School. They would referee the games, they would show you the next pitch that you were going to play on, they would encourage you and build your confidence and they would be positive over everything.

By Ella, Penguins

Year 3 Football Festival

Year 3 Football Festival team 


Sports Crew

On Wednesday 20th January, 10 children from year 5 went to Farnham Leisure Centre to train to be Sports Crew members.

We played lots of fun and exciting activities that required teamwork and responsibility. We had great fun explaining to lots of children from different schools.

Sports Crew will be running a lunchtime club. All in all we had a great time.

           By the Sports Crew


Sports Crew Training



Potters Gate triumph at the Year 2 Tag Rugby Tournament!

On Thursday 26th November 12 children from year 2 took part in a tag rugby tournament at Farnham Rugby Club.  They played as 2 teams in 2 groups.  PG1 won all their games and came top of their group.  PG2 won 2 of their games finishing 2nd in their group.  This meant it was PG1 v PG2 in the semi-final!  PG2 won this game and went on to win a thrilling final against Folly Hill1.  The score was  4-2.

Our winning team was very excited to be awarded a trophy (for the second year in a row!) and all the children were given a medal.  The children played with great enthusiasm and received many comments on how smart they looked in their Potters Gate hoodies.  Thank you to all who played and supported and to the staff.

 Year 2 Tag Rugby Tournament

                                                                                                      The Winners!


Boys’ Tag Rugby Tournament

On Wednesday 11th November, some year 6 boys took part in a tag rugby festival at Farnham Rugby Club.  On our team we had Kayan, Alfie, Max, Ben, Aaron, Noah, Riley, Vito and Nikkhil.

In our first game Ben scored a magnificent try but unfortunately the other team scored just before the end of the match.

In total we played 3 matches and although we sadly did not win any of them, we still had lots of fun and really enjoyed ourselves.  It was also cool getting to play under the floodlights!

 By Alfie and Kayan

 Boys' Tag Rugby Tournament


Football Match 22 October 2015

We played Hale at Hale School.  The first goal was scored by a boy who pelted it in to the bottom left corner. Toby did an amazing dive but sadly it went in.  The next three goals were scored one by one before half time.  After half time we tried to attack and defend more.  In the second half Callum swapped with Toby.  He saved a couple of hard shots but sadly some went in.  We lost 7-0 but at least we had a good time.

By Max and James

Netball Match at Hale School 

Yesterday Potters Gate played Hale School in a netball match.  During the first quarter both teams scored 2 goals each.  Then, in the second quarter, no one scored but in the third we scored a goal.

In the last quarter it got very hectic and, in the end, the scores were very close: 6-5 to Hale.  We have enjoyed all of our games and this was the only match we had lost.  The matches were great fun.

Billy and Josh, Year 5.


Cross Country Race

On a bright autumnal morning (Saturday 17th October), 22 children from Potters Gate took part in the Farnham Schools Cross Country Race in Farnham Park.  In total 223 boys and 174 girls participated.

The children looked extremely smart in their lovely new running shirts.  These have kindly been provided by Farnham Runners, to whom we are very grateful for their generous gift to the school.

Both the boys and girls teams ran extremely well and they can all be proud of their achievements.  It was also nice to see all of them cross the finish line with a smile! Well done team PG!

A special mention must go to Annabelle T (year 6) who finished in 7th place in the girls race.

Our first boy home was Sam W (year 6).

The staff would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who supported team PG in the park and joined in the running both at the event and at training.  A special mention must go to Harvey Wickham for pace setting and Julie Tavener for being our tail runner.

Finally, huge thanks to Mrs McDonald and Ms Payne for supporting and encouraging the children both at training sessions and on the morning of the race!

 Cross Country Team, October 15

The Cross Country Team proudly sporting their brand new hi-tech running tops kindly donated by Farnham Runners

Click here to see all the placings of the Potters Gate girls

Click here to see all the placings of the Potters Gate boys


Football Match 15th October 2015

Yesterday Potters Gate played a football match against Ash Grange. In the first 15 seconds we were not so active and Ash Grange scored.  Toby did an amazing dive to save the goal but sadly it went in.  Then it started with a kick-off and we dribbled more so we got the ball in their half a lot more than they had it in ours.  All in all we tried our very best but the match sadly ended 7-0 to Ash Grange.  We could not have played any better than we did but the good thing was that everyone enjoyed the match.

By James and Thomas, Year 5


Netball Match

Netball match v William Cobbett

Netball match v William Cobbett

On the 8th October Potters Gate played William Cobbett at Netball.  In the first quarter we scored 2 goals!  In the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters we scored no goals.  We were really good at defending.  In the end we won 2-0. "Well done".  We really played well as a team.

By Molly and Emilie, Year 6

 Football Match 8th October 2015

Last week at William Cobbett School we played our toughest match yet! We gave our best shots and, most importantly, we defended and attacked as a team.  Unfortunately we lost but playing well is as good as a win.

By Taylor and Tom, Year 6

Netball Match

On 1st October the Potters Gate netball team played a netball match against St Peter's.  In the 1st quarter we scored 3 goals and in the 2nd quarter we scored 2 goals.  In the 3rd quarter we scored 1 goal and in the last quarter St Peter's scored 3 goals.  We won 6-3.

Well done to the netball team.

By Emilia and Libby, Year 6


 Sainsbury’s School Games Award

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Bronze Mark from Sainsbury’s School Games!  In order to achieve this, we have been busy encouraging Play Leaders, sports clubs, team building and generally promoting health and wellbeing in school.  Now we are working towards our Silver award…………… Watch this space!


Girls’ Tag Rugby Training at Farnham RFC

Tag Rugby September 15

On Wednesday 23rd September some year 5 and 6 girls went to Farnham Rugby Club to learn how to play tag rugby. St Polycarps School was also there.  First we played some games to practise passing skills. Next we got split up into four teams and we played some matches against the other school.  Lots of people scored tries and we worked amazingly as a team. Well done to the tag rugby players; we had a phenomenal time!!!!!!

By Libby, Tigers

   Netball Match

Potters Gate 8 South Farnham 8

An exciting match was played by our team of year 5 and 6 girls and boys against South Farnham school last Thursday.  After the first 3 quarters of the game we were losing by 7 goals to 1 in spite of the team playing with determination. However, the last quarter produced some excellent shooting by Fleur and Billy resulting in a marvellous draw.  Congratulations to all the team and thank you to the staff and parents who coached and supported.


Football Match

Celebrating a goal

Potters Gate 1 South Farnham 12

In their first match of the season, the Potters Gate newly-formed football team gave it their best shot as they faced the South Farnham 1st team.  The team displayed excellent sportsmanship and persistence which resulted in a goal by Taylor which was well-deserved. The team is now looking    forward to building on their strong foundations during training sessions and  coming out to play with the same enthusiasm next time. The only way is up!