Sports Gallery July 2015 (19 images)

Sporting achievements at Potters Gate

Year 2 SATs Ice Lollies! (3 images)

Year 2 enjoyed ice lollies after one of their SATs tests

SATs Breakfasts May 2016 (36 images)

Year 6 children having breakfast every morning before their SATs

How much sugar is there in these products? (7 images)

Images of well-known products and their sugar content

Year 2 trip to Marwell Zoo (32 images)

Foxes and Badgers trip to Marwell Zoo March 2016

Badgers Class 9 March 2016 (4 images)

Recent learning in Badgers Class

Year 6 Tigers Class (10 images)

Making blood and Maths celebrations

Penguins Class 2016 (7 images)

Activities in the Penguins Class

Year 3 Otters Gallery (8 images)

Recent outings and activities in Otters class

Singing at Mrs Lee's Leaving Assembly (3 images)

Christmas Fair 2015 (14 images)

Pictures from the Christmas Fair

Remembrance Day 11th November 2015 (4 images)

Pictures of the ceremony held at the Gostrey Meadow War Memorial

Dance Festival 2015 (3 images)

Dance Festival 2015

Sports Day 2015 (8 images)

Sports Day 2015

The Potters Gate Community Garden Project (2 images)

Year 3 Otters - Roman Projects (56 images)

The children of Otters class displaying their Ancient Roman projects

Red Nose Day 2015 (1 images)

Red Nose Day

Life at Potters Gate CofE Primary School (5 images)