At Potters Gate and St Andrew’s, our children will become Geographers that develop a greater knowledge and understanding of the human and natural world, their place within it and their role in it’s future preservation.

We will inspire our children through a curriculum that is enriched by our school values, promotes a curiosity of their Earth and ensures they are active participants in 'Generation Restoration', so as to be empowered to  become the caretakers of their world. We will equip our children with the geographical skills and fieldwork that will inspire their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development to investigate and influence: 

  • their diverse school and local communities, the outdoors and the wider world;
  • processes and how they affect local and international environments; and
  • peoples' actions today, tomorrow and into their futures and how they can make a change to positively impact our world.

Subject Curriculum Overview 

Exemplars of work