English at Key Stage One (5-7 years old)

It is our aim to develop each child‘s full potential in all areas of language development; speaking and listening, reading, writing and spelling. We foster a love of books and the enjoyment of reading. We use a wide variety of reading materials to support children’s reading development including colour banded books and books linked to their phonics learning which ensures a broad base for development.

The children are encouraged to produce written work for a wide variety of purposes and audiences. Children are taught to join their letters in handwriting from Year 1. Emphasis is on good letter formation from the Early Years.  There are daily phonics sessions to help children with their reading and writing.

English at Key Stage Two - (7–11 years old)

Children’s work in English follows the guidelines laid down by the National Curriculum. At this stage, they are taught to edit and redraft their work and to write in a variety of ways for different purposes both in fiction and nonfiction. We continue to emphasise the importance of handwriting, grammar and also correct spelling. There are daily phonics/spelling lessons to help children with their reading and writing. Speaking and listening also forms an important part of the children’s work in English which also includes drama.

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